Sol Family

Our great community makes everyone seem part of the Sol family, but we’d like to continue our early Thanksgiving by thanking the parents that have been so supportive to all of us. As the Olympics come to a close, it seems that most athlete’s journeys have been the same – supportive parents that have encouraged their children to follow their passions. From the beginning of this year to the very end, Sol parents were there to watch every game and cheer on their kids on this new journey.

At the beginning of the season, Coach Tank let us know that his parents were excited, our #1 fans before we’d even begun. Sure enough, Steve & Sharon Natenberg came in from Houston for every home game. What is so great about this sport? “I love the athleticism that is displayed on every play…I also enjoy the great quality of sportsmanship which is so often lost in other sports” Steve told us. This theme of sportsmanship would come up with every parent we spoke with, like Erec’s mom, Ann Hillis, who shared that “Ultimate is a great community!  Positive, enthusiastic, fun!  I love Spirit of the game, what it means and the ‘vibe’ that it instills in players and fans.” Ann also hosted the team at her house for lunch and games midway through the season. A great community indeed!

And the community doesn’t stop with Austin. The culture of ultimate is worldwide. Rich Gramann says his favorite moment was “Getting to see Brett play with such good players, and seeing him get to reunite with some of the guys from his world’s team after each of the games. The community is so tight – seeing the friendship he has with other players from other cities is very heartwarming.” Sure enough, after ever game, the high fives between opposing teams are not just perfunctory, but a chance to catch up with teammates from the past and friends from around the country, all caught up in the ultimate adventure.

To close, I would like to share my perspective, as a parent of a five and seven year old, generally watching games from the game area. I saw a lot of ultimate players turned ultimate parents in this section, tossing frisbees with their young kids and am excited to see the next generation grow. Like my kids, many seem to play the whole time, but I hear them talk about action they saw, and see them excitedly getting high fives and autographs at the end, so I know the experience is more than just a bounce house and a sno-cone. Not all these kids will go on to be ultimate players, but I’m very happy that they’re growing up in the ultimate community.