2016 Highlight Bracket

That’s right, this is going to be our first ever February Fever to get you warmed up for March Madness and making all the right calls in your bracket this year. We put up the clips, you vote on the best. Without further ado…

1. Walch-claw!

Our first game, in front of a huge 1400 person crowd and the mighty bird of prey brings down this two handed pancake layout right in front of the super slomo camera.

2. Rory Roll

Click on it, we promise it’s not a Rick Roll. Rory had bigger moments, like his bookends to win overtime at Atlanta, but this one is special because it was our first home goal. Lot’s of feelings here.

3. Lucky Grab

What a name, Lehlohonolo. Ooooh. It’s like Mufasa. Oooooh. This young man flew out the gate, making national highlight videos a regular thing.

4. Brooks Soars

Brooks gets big for this goal. This three-time Junior World Disc Golf Champion was the Sol’s #1 puller. But didn’t think you wanted to see elegantly floating pulls.

5. Joel Clutton’s Ascension

We love end of quarters. Chase winds up, giants run down the field, and one of them stands triumphant over all others. Can you see the halo?

6. Ben Lewis’ Backbreaker

Sometimes a play just breaks the spirit of your opponents. Other times, it just knocks you on your own behind. This one was perhaps a little of both.

7. Matthis SportsCenter

Was it his best D of the year? Probably not. Top five? Maybe. But good enough for ESPN SportsCenter Top 10. Good jaerb.

8. Poindexter Teaches Class

Kids, this is how you layout. None of that shoulder high madness, just proper technique taught by this master of the game.

9. Ethan Pollack Skies

Time and time again we learn that you can’t teach tall. Can’t touch tall either apparently, as he glides between defenders like a..like a…like something big that totally shouldn’t have fit through there.

10. Ryan Purcell +2

Seriously, that’s less than 5 seconds for +2 fantasy points. About as good as it gets for a handler. And Walch-claw caught it. Golf clap.

11. Mitchell Bennett Spikes

As an O guy, you just don’t get the opportunity to lay the smack down often enough. So, it’s important to do it with enthusiasm when you do.

12. Logan’s Locks

A thing of beauty.

13. Matthis Double D

This one might be our favorite D of the year. It’s a shame it only counts once on the stat sheet.

14. Jerrod Wolfe Bookends

We love this guy. Kurt seemed less pleased.

15. DJ’s Magic Disc

We’re not sure who to give credit here. Probably Jeff Loskorn(DJ) for attempting to throw it away.

16. Teamwork

Just a pretty play. Rory splits the D, Brett launches the bomb, Matthis shows off that he could be a key lefty and Wildcat ends it with the flair.