Highlights: Final Four

Down to the final four. Will Matthis have to match up against himself in the finals? Or will Ethan or Lucky drop down the hammer?

3. Lucky Grab

What a name, Lehlohonolo. Ooooh. It’s like Mufasa. Oooooh. This young man flew out the gate, making national highlight videos a regular thing.

7. Matthis SportsCenter

Was it his best D of the year? Probably not. Top five? Maybe. But good enough for ESPN SportsCenter Top 10. Good jaerb.

9. Ethan Pollack Skies

Time and time again we learn that you can’t teach tall. Can’t touch tall either apparently, as he glides between defenders like a..like a…like something big that totally shouldn’t have fit through there.

13. Matthis Double D

This one might be our favorite D of the year. It’s a shame it only counts once on the stat sheet.