2 Free Weeks with Camp Gladiator

The Austin Sol are proud to announce a partnership with Camp Gladiator offering all our fans two free weeks of classes! Information on the partnership below.

When you join Camp Gladiator, you will have unlimited access to all our locations/times. Definitely check out our website to see what locations are closest to you www.campGladiator.com.

Camp Gladiator is a “take it at your own pace” fitness camp for ALL fitness levels. All our workouts are outside with rainout locations. We never cancel camp!

Our camps are four weeks in length with multiple available times and days. You can go to ANY of the locations/times as much as you would like during the two-week period. Hopefully these two weeks will allow you to make it out to several camps, meet our trainers, and our great campers, and see why we are the number one growing fitness company!

Sign up NOW for our upcoming camps! Instructions are below, if you have any problems, just come out anyway and we’ll work out registration later.

•Visit http://campgladiator.com/
Choose “sign up”
•Follow the prompts and enter your information.
•Choose “buy camp” and choose the April 17th camp
•You will need to enter your credit/debit card information to advance screens. Don’t worry though! Enter the personalized coupon code(AUSTINSOL2017) and you will see the cost go from $189 to $0. Continue the prompts until you are finished.
•You will receive a confirmation email signing you up.
•The final step is to come to camp!
•Bring a mat (yoga mats work just fine) or towel
•Bring water
•Bring a pair of dumbbell weights (we have some to borrow if you don’t have a pair)
•Bring a friend!

Have a fabulous day and we can’t wait to see you at camp!

For questions contact:

(512) 656-7239