Sol Scare Reigning AUDL Champs

In their second home game of the season at House Park Stadium, the Sol lost to the defending AUDL Champions in a 24 – 30 rivalry matchup. Local band Full Service kicked off the night with a great pre-game performance for the home crowd of 700 fans; giving them fun music to jam and beat to before the game. They finished off their performance with a Beach Boys styled rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. With Austin’s Pizza offering delicious food for the game, the fans got a great combo experience of fun music, pizza, and a great Ultimate game. After their home opener loss to the Flyers which was plagued with execution mistakes, the Sol were able to clean things up against Dallas. After the Roughnecks jumped up to a 9 – 5 lead mid-way through the first quarter behind some impressive throws from Matt Bennett, the Sol came roaring back. A deep one handed diving catch by Rory Orloff created momentum for the Sol and kicked off a 4 – 0 run. With the quarter coming to a close, Mitchell Bennett intercepted a pass for a Callahan to even the high scoring first quarter at  9 – 9. With his brother Matt playing for Roughnecks, the sibling rivalry only added to the intensity of the game. Unable to build on their momentum, the Sol slowed down in the second quarter and the Roughnecks regained a two point lead. The Sol were able to cut it to a one point game five times in the second quarter, but were unable to close the small gap. Going into halftime down 14 – 16, the Sol and the crowd felt like they could stay in the game against the AUDL Champions. Coming out of halftime, the Roughnecks were able to capitalize off a few dropped passes by the Sol to increase the spread to 4 points. However, just like the in the first quarter, the Sol went on a 3 – 1 run to narrow the gap back to two points with 28 seconds left in the third quarter. However, on the Sol’s last score of the quarter, Pollack hurt his ankle on a jump ball play in the end zone. This injury sidelined the 6’7 offensive machine, ending his night with 4 goals. A quick Roughnecks score on an end zone jump ball to close the quarter gave the Roughnecks a 3 point lead, still leaving the Sol a chance to get back in the game. Unfortunately, it was not to be, as the Roughnecks took over in the fourth quarter. Their length forced the Sol to throw passes that led to several deflections and interceptions. The Roughnecks quickly converted those turnovers into scores and went on a 9 – 6 run to extend their unbeaten streak to 20 games. Afterwards, the crowd gave a standing ovation to the team for their gritty performance. The fans knew that the Sol played a lot better from the last game. Many young fans were able to go meet the players. They got to high five the players and get autographs on their Sol shirts and hats. The players were really excited to get a chance to spend time with their young fan base. Even in a loss, it was smiles all around. Despite the loss, this game was the best the Sol have played all season. The offense was effective and patient through three quarters. They did not force the passes into coverage to try to avoid a seven seconds stall penalty and they were able to get their passers out of trouble when they were pinned to the sideline or deep in the end zone. The offense also did a good job of spreading the defense whether it was going from sideline to sideline or throwing deep passes (hucks) down the field. Even though they gave up 30 points to the Roughnecks, the defense looked much improved. They were able to force three or four stall penalties against the Roughnecks and gave the offense more opportunities. Next week, the Sol look to take the momentum and confidence from this game to go on the road with matchups against Raleigh and Jacksonville.