Sol Hold off Hustle to Win in OT

A one point victory in OT – could it have ended any other way? Not with these two teams – who have gone to overtime in 3 of their five meetings, the others being decided by only 1-3 points. After a strong game in Dallas, Atlanta came out firing deep and hitting. Both teams scored easily in the first quarter, with short points and a couple of breaks on each side to end the quarter 8-8, with a highlight play by Matthew Bierschenk catching the back of the end zone before sliding halfway to the bounce house.

The back and forth continued through halftime as the teams tied up again at 14 all, but the O and D lines of the Sol started to establish their rhythm. A quick storm dumped to start the third quarter, leaving fans running for the cover, but players seemed unaffected. By the end of the third quarter Sol had a small lead which they pushed on a tired Atlanta line to 21-18 by the middle of the fourth quarter, the largest lead of the game. With the disc on the goal line for another break, it looked like Sol were ready to put it out of reach, but an unfortunate turn followed by an Atlanta rally would leave us at 22-21 Sol up with under a minute to play. One final turn from the usually reliable Jeff Loskorn and Atlanta would tie the game and bring it to overtime.

While there were a couple turns, both teams would grind out their O points and hold serve in overtime. With 9 seconds on the clock and Atlanta with the disc twenty yards from the endzone after a foul call looking to tie the game, we looked like we might be heading for sudden death; however, the D would hold and a last second fling would be struck down by Michael Matthis. As the Sol celebrated and began to meet with fans a discussion amongst refs and coaches would finally make it up to the announcer: The clock had been incorrectly started after the foul and they were going to run it again! It was a full five minutes after the first ending before everyone was in place to do it again, but the result would be the same, this time Chase coming in and batting away the last second cross field throw. Sol wins, 26-25!

By the end of the night 13 Sol players would score a goal, 12 throw one and 10 record a D. Michael Hays would end the game with 4 Ds(like this) to lead the D team, and Doug Richardson would lead the O team with a +8 plus/minus after 3 assists and 6 goals and only 1 throwaway. Notable young star Kyle Henke would score his first goal in his first game just two days after his 19th birthday, and 18 year old Elliott Moore would continue his terrific defense with a crucial 4th quarter D. After high fives with fans in a second brief downpour, the Sol and friends would retire to drinks and pizza at the Brick Oven.

Chase and Matthis share a tender moment. Atlanta’s Vickroy looks longingly to the sidelines for his sol-mate.