About Us

The Austin Sol is a professional ultimate franchise in the American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL) with games from April through July. Our goal is to harmoniously blend the spirit of Austin – friendly, musical, and uniquely weird with the athletic sportsmanship that defines ultimate.

What is Ultimate?

Ultimate started in the late 60’s and has long been defined by the “Spirit of the Game.” From the beginning it was stated in the rules that sportsmanship and mutual respect would guide interactions on the field (For more on the history of ultimate, visit AUDL.com). The AUDL keeps with that tradition today with the Integrity Rule, where any player or coach can overturn an official’s call made in their favor, such as a foul.

Gameplay is fairly simple. The ultimate field is the same length and width as a football field, with end-zones 10 yards deeper. Play is 7 on 7, starting with a Pull (kickoff). The offense must score in the opposite end zone. The offense moves the disc by completing passes in any direction; players may not run with the disc. Upon catching the disc, a player must stop and establish a pivot foot and throw the disc again within 7 seconds. If a player fails to throw within 7 seconds, it is a turnover. There is also an immediate change of possession whenever the disc touches the ground (due to a drop, block, or throwaway), a throw or catch out of bounds, or an interception. The game is fast-paced, non-contact, and full of SportsCenter Top 10 highlights.


Introduce ultimate to every person in the Austin area and teach every kid how to throw a disc.


Embed the Austin Sol into the soul of Austin through youth engagement, promoting positive sporting and community values, and create a fun ultimate experience.

Values? We’ve Got Sol!

What does it mean to have sol? Ultimate is a coed sport defined by ‘Spirit of the Game’ and players feel strongly about the unique culture of the ultimate community. Austin moves to its own beat; an outdoor, musical and friendly place that we’re glad to call home. We aim to blend these two together into something special.

Have Fun and Give High Fives!

A high five is like a handshake dipped in awesome sauce and served in a tortilla.
We think if it’s truly a pleasure to meet someone, you’d do it with a high five, not a handshake.
Don’t take our word for it, search for high fives on the internet. They’re all having fun.

A Place Where Everyone Knows Your Name!

Well, maybe not everybody, but it feels like it, and they’re always glad you came! We love Austin and we love ultimate. Let’s get those great communities together and enjoy a never ending social hour.

Get Out and Play!

We want fans to become players and players to become fans and everyone to get involved with youth ultimate. We want to introduce kids to this game and share with them the team work, spirit and athleticism that make ultimate a lifetime activity.

Get Involved

Looking to invest? Buy group tickets? Promote your brand by sponsoring the team? Be part of the organization making all this happen? Check out our sponsorship deck and shoot an email to info@austin-sol.com.