profile Patrick Christmas Owner/GM
My vision for starting the Austin Sol was to work with a community of people that I love and together create an experience for Austin that grows Ultimate’s visibility in our town and inspires the next generation to play this great sport. I’ve been playing ultimate for over 15 years in Austin and look forward to being active in the community over the next 15 years.
Purcell_LinkedIn Ryan Purcell Assistant GM
After playing at the University of Michigan and leading the program to three National Championship appearances in the mid-2000s, Ryan has since coached and played on every continent except Antarctica. Ryan currently serves as President of the World Flying Disc Federation’s (WFDF) Global Athletes Commission which represents players from around the globe with the sport’s international governing body. Ryan also serves as a member of WFDF’s Board of Directors, and was an active participant in the multi-year process that resulted in official member status with the IOC for the organization. Ryan can’t wait to share the sport that has given him so many opportunities and incredible experiences with the people of Austin, and especially excited to engage local youth with the game of ultimate!
Edith Teng Coach
Edith started her ultimate career as a player for Rice University and since then has played for Showdown where she is currently captain. After graduating from Rice, she continued on as coach and helped them win their first DIII National Championship in 2014. Edith is currently in her second year of coaching Texas’ team, Melee and excited to lead the Sol this year.
Spittal Chris Spittal Public Relations
Chris first dove headfirst into the world of Ultimate more than 15 years ago. He has played in multiple National Championship tournaments with Ohio State University and Columbus Madcow, and also coached Michigan State University. Chris is looking forward to creating new experiences by introducing Ultimate to people across Austin, supporting Austin’s Ultimate community, and growing the sport.
David Weinberg Austin Marketing Manager
Matteo Matthew Stephens Website & Design
I joined the Austin Sol team because with my background in frisbee, design, and technology, I knew that I could contribute in multiple ways. Co-Founder of, Doublewide Alumni, Texas Ultimate Alumni.
keturah Keturah Christmas Owner, Photography
Before I met Patrick I had never heard of Ultimate, but I have fallen in love with the sport, and being part of the Sol has drawn me in on a whole new level. I now find myself following Ultimate actively online, stressing on the sidelines during the game, and experiencing the exhilaration of being an avid sports fan for the first time! I have always been a lifestyle photographer, so shooting sports is a fun and exciting challenge.